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Leadership isn’t Black or White it’s Dark Blu

What We Do


Our teams will tailor the programme to fit the specific requirements of your vessel and crew. We provide a real time “helicopter view” of all aspects of the safety management system emergency procedures.

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If you have a drug policy and need help maintaining it with hair sample testing on board, we can help.

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Our experience in this field is second to none. We have a range of methodologies at our disposal to unlock high performance and engagement from your teams

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Using Problem solving or role play we will challenge and generate situations to grow your people. Our facilitators are trained to get the best possible result from any given situation.

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About Dark Blu Inc

Dark Blu Inc has been working in the development sector since 2011 and in that time has worked with many household names and government agencies.

Focusing on building teams for the corporate world by taking the best from our military team training and adjusting for our corporate counterparts. DBI intentionally tries to take delegates out of there comfort zone, allowing them to explore themselves and different methods of both Leadership and Followership.

Using Fire Fighting, Sea Survival, Sinking Ship Simulators and Assault Courses amongst others as vehicles to bring about the outcomes and discussions required to take teams to the next level of performance. Delegates bond through shared experiences of trust, fear, interdependence, and Esprit De Corps. The courses are intentionally robust, constantly pushing the pace and testing delegates but with staff who have spent years learning how and when is the right amount of pressure to get the best out of an individual and team.

Morale and trust are vital components of any team and makes the difference between a team member and an employee, it gives cohesion to a team and allows them to engage a problem or on a project united as one entity.

We are proud of our flexibility in being able to meet the requirements of our clients no matter what the request or the particular outcome they wish to achieve. Ashore or afloat we help teams become the best they can.

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