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About Dark Blu Inc

Dark Blu Inc was founded in 2011 and based at HMS Excellent in Portsmouth.

Focusing on building teams by taking the best from military team building and adjusting for our corporate counterparts. DBI intentionally tries to take delegates out of there comfort zone, allowing them to explore different methods of both Leadership and Followership.

Using Fire Fighting, Sea Survival, Sinking Ship Simulators and “Bare Knuckle Feed Back” as vehicles to bring about the outcomes and discussions required to take teams to the next level of performance. Delegates bond through shared experiences of trust, fear, interdependence, and Esprit De Corps. The courses are intentionally robust both emotionally and mentally, constantly pushing the pace and testing delegates but with staff who have spent years learning how and when is the right amount of pressure to get the best out of an individual and team.

Morale and trust are vital components of any team and makes the difference between a team member and an employee, it gives cohesion to a team and allows them to engage as one entity. The Superyacht industry is one of the most demanding to navigate with clients routinely getting the impossible and often expecting the inconceivable, only a “Team” can maintain these levels.

We are proud of our flexibility in being able to meet the requirements of our clients home or away, land or Sea.

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