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Edgar Evans Club

So who was Edgar Evans The club founders were looking for an iconic symbol of Britishness “Can do, because we can” and found this in Edgar Evans

The Club was inspired by its namesake due to the number of similar connections Edgar has with its founders, who have served in the Royal Navy and been part of the Royal Tournament Command field Gun Crew for both Portsmouth and Devonport, Edgar was a trainer for the Portsmouth Command team in 1907.  He was also and most famously, he was the fifth member of Captain Robert Falcon Scotts Terra Nova Expedition to the Pole. The chosen charity is Buckland Park Play Centre which is coincidently situated on the same road as Edgar Evans lived with his wife and three children in 1907.

The Club holds an annual fund raiser on Bramble Sand bank in the middle of the Solent between the Isle of Wight and Portsmouth in the form of a “Tug o War” competition with a charity dinner and Auction on completion.

The Club will be attending numerous events each year with an aim to raise as much money as possible for its chosen charity anyone wishing to join please contact

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