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Our Safety Training & Emergency Procedures (STEP) programmes bespoke to each Crew and Vessel

We will discuss your needs and deliver a programme which will work for your vessel and crew specific to your needs.

We combine all elements of dealing with an onboard emergency incident that may or may not involve Passengers/Guests.

Dark Blu Inc provide a range of bespoke onboard solutions to enhancing your onboard training.

Development of skills such as confined space, situational awareness and crisis management for all the vessel’s crew, conducted onboard, alongside or a convenient location.

Can you answer all of the following Captains check off list questions with certainty?

Do all my crew know all of their emergency escapes?

Can they do this in an emergency environment of smoke and darkness

If we were in the middle of the Atlantic and had a major fire would we win?

Have my crew been drilled in a realistic environment that has challenged them to win

How do I know they know?

Have we ever accepted “And then we would” and not taken the exercise to its all conclusion

What is my main concern when dealing with an emergency incident?

Is it safety of the crew or dealing with the emergency?

Scenarios include, but not limited to:

Crisis Management & Human Behaviour

Are my interior staff well drilled enough to manage guests and owners in an emergency

Personal Survival Techniques

Can we perform all our duties in our emersion suits

Fire Prevention and Fire Fighting

If we had a fire in that compartment could we effectively handle it?

Missing Person Search

Are we using the best method suited to us for this

Escape Routes

Have all the crew been through every escape hatch and know how to operate it

Man Overboard

Have we actually drilled with an unconscious body, getting into the rescue boat

Abandon Ship

What about the guests, do they go with the Captain?

Confined Space Rescue

As the Engineer am I confident my crew could rescue me

Medical Management

Have we drilled the hardest location on the vessel to conduct a rescue

Incident Management

Do we have all the necessary equipment we need in the right place

Contingency Planning

Does our DPA link seamlessly into our plan and do we actually involve them on drills

We take the ‘and then we would’ out of training.

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